Our Keyworker System

To support each child’s wellbeing, learning and development whilst at nursery, we have an effective keyworker system. Our system follows EYFS and our ethos of child led learning and discovery.


Keyworkers are linked with children and their families based on the bonds children make during their transition and settling in periods. It is these bonds of friendship that make strong relationships and partnerships for learning.


Keyworkers plan an enriching and personalised learning curriculum for their key children and always finding new ways to support their interests and learning needs.


Our Keyworkers are not just there to support our children, it is a key part of their daily responsibilities to support parents and the child’s family as part of our commitments to the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. We have an open door policy for all parents, and our knowledgable team of practitioners are able to support parents with strategies for baby led weaning, potty/ toilet training, changes in behaviour, etc. etc.